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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Giant Anthropomorphic Emo Duck Crushes Your Will to Live

Live action Baby Huey

Each Monday we try to start you off with a balanced breakfast of WTF and no, seriously WTF. This qualifies. It’s exactly what the title promised you: a giant anthropomorphic emo duck. How does he crush your will to live? By singing, naturally. I figure if you can make it through this vid, then your week can only get better from here…

I found this at Kindertrauma, who blamed it on Everything is Terrible–but I couldn’t find the post on there. Because I wanted to know just what the hell this was. But it’s true: it’s a live action Baby Huey, and from what I can tell it’s from the film Baby Huey’s Great Easter Adventure, directed by Stephen Furst.

Christ, the more I think about it, the more I’m thinking this needs to be a 32 Days of Halloween post. Anyway, as you were. Good luck in therapy.

Update: Alas, the scene in question is taken down, and I tried to revert to using the trailer but couldn’t find one without auto-playing advertisements. Oh well. You’re probably better off having never seen it, honestly. You can find it here if you must.


  • Has anyone alerted WHO yet? This new strain of bird flu looks more dangerous than ever, and I have a strange feeling it’s not only limited to birds.

  • That was stupendously awful. That was just so frighteningly bad. The song, God Awful. The singing, possibly worse. The concept? Worse than Howard the Duck. I had to endure Scott Stapp singing the National Anthem tonight. Why did I subject myself to that as well?