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Emily and the Really Sexy Vampyre – Audio, Part 4

Emily and the Really Sexy Vampyre

We return…to the totally non-lame world of Emily and the Really Sexy Vampyre. This, a found young adult novel, was brought to the attention of the world by Storm (of Paul and Storm.) And it has made the lit world crazier than a possessed octogenarian looking for her glasses while they’re perched perfectly atop her head.

Never one to shy away from a challenge–I asked Storm if I could take a crack at reading it. And he said sure. So now we bring you the fourth part of the saga.


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  • I got to the End of the Internets and decided to go back to the beginning…realized I hadn’t been here in for-freakin-ever and I stumble across this gem. Dude. Your voice got deep! Now I’m craving some chili-cheese Fritos.