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32 Days of Halloween IV, Movie Night No. 2: Blood of Dracula’s Castle

Blood of Dracula's Castle

From 1969, tonight’s feature film is Blood of Dracula’s Castle. The gist is that the Count and Countess Dracula are hanging out in a castle in the desert, served by their butler (played by John Carradine). They require blood, as you might imagine, and thus hijinks ensue.

Watch the first seven minutes if nothing else: check out the terrible opening theme song and then watch the most pissed off walrus to be ever caught on film. Yes, I said walrus.

It’s sort of an everything goes type of night for Day 2. First time out we were watching Nosferatu, then the original 1941 Wolf Man, and last year was 1982’s Blood Tide. Maybe all the movies involve blood in some form or fashion. No idea. Enjoy!

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