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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 31: Setting Horror to Music

The Fly: The Opera

So the news that a House of Wax musical from Tim Burton may have been in the works got me thinking about the drive to have the stage added to the Law of Relative Development…since practically everything is being prepped for a stage production these days. And I decided to go exploring. We’ve already talked about Carrie and Aliens on ice for example.

We’ve also mentioned before The Fly: The Opera…the opera adaptation of the Cronenberg film which Cronenberg himself directed and Howard Shore wrote the music for. That was 2008…and they’ve never released a cast album. Back then there weren’t really any videos of the songs…but here is a German documentary where they basically take you through an abridged version of the entire show. It looks bloody mental. Suggestion: skip forward a bit and then watch from about fifty minutes in on…because how many opportunities to you get to see a baritone Seth Brundle in full stage-Fly gear entering while crawling on the ceiling upside down? Oh, and singing all the while?


Man, I don’t get opera. Anyway, moving on.

Apparently, the madmen who brought you Silence!, the Silence of the Lambs musical, have started providing musical numbers for various and sundry films. Here we have a tremendous Sinatra-infused song regarding The Thing.

(You can find their madness on their Tumblr feed.)

And while this isn’t a full-on musical, it is a musical event–and it looks like it was damn brilliant. A group in New Zealand put on a live accompaniment to a screening of Carnival of Souls with a new score, new foley effects and new dubbed dialogue. It looks by turns hilarious and terrifying.

One amazing thing: no one’s attempted a musical version of Stephen King‘s The Stand. I know. I’m stunned as well.