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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 25: Wolfblood

Wolfblood transfusion scene 1925

Since it’s silent horror feature night at 32 Days of Halloween, we figure we’ll take you back to 1925 and Wolfblood, which has been referred to as the first werewolf film ever made. I certainly haven’t seen any earlier…you? Anyway, our protagonist Dick is the head burrito at a logging company. After a vicious attack, he’s lost a lot of blood and in desperation–since no human will volunteer to give blood–the doctor uses the blood from a wolf. And you can…pretty much anticipate what is supposed to happen next.


There’s not a decent DVD release of the film–it’s not even available on Amazon Instant Video, which is weird considering it’s public domain. Regardless, the YouTube version here is about the best you’re going to get, so we’ll just run with it.

Previous bits of silent movie terror have included The Cat and the Canary from 1927, The Hands of Orlac from 1924, The Golem from 1920 and The Phantom of the Opera from 1925. We did take a break one year for some Vincent Price.