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Black Phoenix Goes Down To Fraggle Rock

Jim Henson and friends from Fraggle Rock

HBO has become a brand name you can trust when it comes to quality original series. You can also trust that these series will also have an obscene amount of swearing, fucking, and more than a bit of the old ultra violence. Not that I don’t blame them. If you can get away with it, why not make good TV that is legitimately adult?

However, in the misty and far away era that was the 1980s (kids, ask your parents–it was a real time and not just a myth), HBO had a television show that was for children. That show was Fraggle Rock.

For you young people out there who only know about Angry Birds, Justin Bieber, and Internet porn, go here and watch some. It’s good for you. I will say that Fraggle Rock has a timeless universal quality that instantly makes it a classic. This could be due to Henson Studios making a show that wasn’t driven by toy sale figures, a desire to create something XTREME!!!, or even a need to shove socially conscious messages hard into little kids’ faces.

For those dismissive hipsters and cynics who still scoff at the show’s genius, I present you with this.


Yes, that is Ben Folds Five and the Nerdist, Chris Hardwick, rocking with the Fraggles.

As a further proof that Fraggle Rock is cool, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has released a perfume line based on the characters of the show. So let’s explore some of the scents that are available.

Red from Fraggle Rock

First we have Red, a Fraggle with way too energy on her hands and thus the perfect scent to lead off with, at least on this site. Usually she channels this into athletic competitions like Tug Of War and One-Legged Radish Relay. Her energy also gets her in trouble when she goes headlong into questionable situations and her stubbornness keeps her there long after she should get out. Her scent reflects this with the red currants and cranberries mixing sweetness and tartness, just like Red herself. The pink musk adds a sporty tone and the pink pepper wakes up your nostrils. And of course, her ingredients would all be red.

Mokey from Fraggle Rock

Mokey is the opposite of Red. She contemplates the beauty of Fraggle Rock and gently sways to the music of the spheres. She expresses herself with Art and Poetry and Philosophy that most Fraggles just don’t get. She has her mind open to the universe but on occasion her brain has been in danger of falling out. The scent, like Mokey, is a gentle soul. The lilac, violets, and orris root come across lightly and non-aggressive. This is appropriate since any distraction can lessen one’s contemplation of the infinite. The floral accents of this perfume do not overwhelm you, but evoke the sound of wind-chimes from a slight breeze. Mokey understands that something simple can be beautiful and profound.

Boober from Fraggle Rock

Boober is an odd Fraggle. Your average Fraggle is happy go lucky and generally feels good about life. Boober doesn’t feel good about life. He is convinced that something bad is going to happen. It may happen to him or someone else but it’s going to happen. While this means he’s usually a giant killjoy, his fears have been proven right on more that one occasion. Even for a Fraggle, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean a Grog isn’t out to get you. The perfume for Boober is unusual. It smells of clean laundry with a hint of linden blossoms and vanilla. This is because of Boober’s favorite past-time: washing clothes–especially socks. What is unusual is that no one in Fraggle Rock wears socks. So where do they come from?

On that head scratcher, I will just remind you to check out all of Black Phoenix’s Fraggle Rock line and the rest of Black Phoenix’s fabulous scents. Because you may not be as wise as Marjory the Trash Heap, you can at least smell better than her.


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