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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 25: Zaat!


Well, we had When Animals Attack as the theme previously for Day 25 of 32 Days of Halloween…but then I was seduced away from the path by The Giant Behemoth. But who can blame me? And now we combine giant monsters and killer animals and get a monstrosity that’s half-man, half-walking catfish, all rubber suit. It’s Zaat from 1972, raised from relative obscurity (under its alternate title of The Blood Waters of Dr. Z–which quite frankly sounds like a rap album) by our friends in MST3K. It is nothing short of amazing in its WTFery.

“How could it happen? No one knows. But it did.” What, you mean the funding?


I’m sort of amazed he didn’t try to transform the ladies into bloodthirsty hushpuppies.

Anyway. Unbelievably, it’s out in a DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack from Amazon. Wow. And the MST3K boxed set that contains their take on it is still in print.

Oh, and get this: utter coincidence, but it’s been screened tonight in Jacksonville, Florida. With a live cast and crew commentary. Check out the official site here.

Other sights we’ve experienced during the madness of Day 25 are Vincent Price on Terry Wogan, some animals wanting to kill you and even more animals wanting to kill you. And before that it was a pair of Body Snatchers trailers.