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32 Days of Halloween III, Day 25: Even More Animals That Want to Kick Your Ass

Killer whale

So with the advent of Jaws, you had to have copycats…and here was the biggest one. We see your great white and we raise you a freaking killer whale. Plus, you know, Richard Harris. It’s Orca. And I really need to re-watch this, frankly, and see if it’s as bleah as I remember.

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So Catalyst is here with me and in viewing this next trailer, he was stunned by the “real actors” involved. Of course we’re talking about a young, moustache-less Sam Elliott (who Cat has just informed me is not then, by definition, “Sam Elliott,” but instead a strange proto-Sam Elliott) and Ray Milland (God love him). But yes, what other reaction can you have to Frogs?

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And of course once you go from killer whales to frogs, one of the only places you go is to…worms. With Squirm.

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We were inspired, of course, by last year’s array of animals-kicking-our-asses trailers. Prior to that, we were looking at both Invasion of the Body Snatchers trailers. What’s your favorite animals attack trailer?

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  • Some frogs store their frogs in the pores on their back… you have to admit that’s pretty gross.