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32 Days of Halloween II, Day 25: More Animals That Want To Kick Your Ass


So I was trying to find something that sort of fit with the Invasion of the Body Snatchers trailers that we posted this time last year…and I started poking around with the subject of mind control. And somehow that led me to the humans in Empire of the Ants, who submit to the will of giant ants who have nommed on radioactive waste. Yes.

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Dindrane is hereby warned not to watch this next trailer, since it is, after all, The Giant Spider Invasion! And the giant pipe cleaner-legged beasts are coming…FOR YOU!

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And last but not least…Alligator! Because he’s tired of seeing his cousins turned into wallets!

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I could have sworn there was some crazed version of the Giant Reptile Attacks films but it takes place in space or something, like Alligator meets Jason X or something. Was that something in development hell and I dreamed it actually escaped and was released…or what?

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