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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 23: The Child

Child 1977

So, you know, growing up in the 1970s…sure, you didn’t have the Internet. You didn’t have DVDs and CDs. And you didn’t have smartphones. But you did have friends who were zombies who would do you favors like terrorize your enemies.

What’s that? Oh. Well, maybe that was just me and Rosalie, the titular character of The Child from 1977. Yes, it’s Evil Children Day at 32 Days of Halloween and you can’t get much more evil than dealing with the loss of your mother by siccing the dead on people. Well, I mean, you could…but it would take work. The director/editor doesn’t have another credit to his name, but here’s something fun: he apparently went on to play Professor Angell in the recent/badass H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society adaptation of Call of Cthulhu. Small world. Anyway, here’s the trailer. Enjoy.


Yes, they said “Hide and go kill.” That’s actually the tagline on the poster. And half the time I can’t decide if the aspect ratio on that trailer is wrong…and the other half I think if it is it might add something to it. Torn on that.

Something Weird apparently put out a Special Edition of the DVD where the majority of the bonuses appear to have nothing to do with the film. Go figure. It’s out of print but available if you felt the urge.

Other evil kids we’ve looked at have included those of Kill Baby Kill, The Brood, the …of the Damned films and a trio of evil children classics. Year One, before we got to the killer kids, we checked out some John Carpenter trailers.