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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 22: The Flesh and the Fiends!

Flesh and the Fiends, with Donald Pleasence, Peter Cushing and George Rose

Well, Day 22 has traditionally been set aside for your friend and mine, Peter Cushing. So we’ll begin with a small bit of promotional film–only a fragment, alas–but I think tabletop gamers everywhere will be rather excited to see it.


After that, we go to an episode of Vincent Price‘s The Price of Fear, entitled “The Man Who Hated Scenes.” When I first heard this episode, the fact that it was Cushing escaped me completely. Now that I know, yes, of course, I can hear that it’s him. But at the time, I was so taken in by the story and his characterization that I never noticed it was him. Acting. If you’re interested in such, there’s a fantastic 65-track MP3 bundle with Price of Fear and two other shows for just $5.99.

And lastly, our feature film for tonight: from 1960, it’s The Flesh and the Fiends. Another take on Burke & Hare (see the 2010 John Landis comedy for an excellent and more recent (and darkly funnier) interp), Cushing is one of the doctors benefiting from the–ahem–corpse acquisition skills of the pair, played by Donald Pleasence and George Rose. This was known over here as Mania, because most titles when we change them for American audiences get automatically lamer. Enjoy.

Flesh and the Fiends was released on DVD a while back from Image, but is now quite out of print. Used copies are as low as $15, though. So that’s something.

Image via Classic Horror Campaign.