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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 23: The Children!

The Children (1980)

Day 23 has been about those evil little rascals. More on that in a moment. But first, we hit a pair of radio wonders. The first is television, yes, but it’s from 1946–Lights Out began as a radio series in 1934. Eventually four specials were aired on television. Here’s one of the stories: “Cat’s Cradle.” If you think your “host” is a bit over the top, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Stand by.

Here we go to The Sealed Book, a show I’m less familiar with. But the “host” here, overblown as he is, is more what I’m used to. This follows other shows like Mysterious Traveler and Weird Circle where somebody basically says, “Oh, supposedly spooky thing and/or figure, read us a story!” Then ends up basically saying, “Oh, that was some story, spooky thing and/or figure!” Because bookends were important back in the day.

And we said evil kids, yes? Yes. The Children from 1980 shows that not only should kids not play with dead things, they should also avoid toxic yellow clouds at all costs. And beware the death manicures of evil. It’ll make sense. Eventually.