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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 24: The Monster (1925)

Monster (1925)

It’s silent movie night at 32 Days of Halloween HQ. Since we’ve featured him a couple of times before, we go back to the granddaddy of silent horror, Georges Méliès. We kick off with what could be considered a tremendously silly proto-Amityville Horror. This is “The Bewitched Inn” from 1897. That’s right. A short horror film that’s 116 years old. How freaking cool is that?


Next we go to the third film adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the oldest extant one. Films from 1908 and 1910 are both considered lost. This one is from 1912.

And lastly, for our feature presentation: Papa Chaney in The Monster, a horror comedy from 1925 with Chaney as a mad doctor. There’s nothing about that sentence that is not cool.