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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 16: Vincent Price and The Horror Hall of Fame

Vincent Price: Horror Hall of Fame

Day 16 of 32 Days of Halloween has just sort of fallen to Vincent Price…and I realize I’m posting a longer bit of something that we posted a snippet of earlier. But we didn’t know the thing was online in this form, thanks to the folks at Zombie Popcorn. The Horror Hall of Fame special is here from 1974, hosted by Price. And it glories in its corny awfulness. But amidst all the cheese you get some great moments–like Carradine from before and also Frank Gorshin showing up to provide impersonations. Silly and fun and it no doubt gave Mr. Price a check. Three things we always appreciated. Enjoy.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

This is not available in print in any form, from what I can tell.

Previously on this day, we had some great Price outtakes, some great Price funny bits, the trailer to the Corman film of The Raven, and we started up the first year with the trailer for the first Dr. Phibes.