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32 Days of Halloween III, Day 16: Vincent Price, Funny Guy

Vincent Price and friend

One of the things you learn, once you get past the obvious horror career of Vincent Price, is that he must have been a helluva fun individual, because he’s just such a funny damn guy. I mean, in addition to being an expert on food and being able to pitch products like a genius.

Example here is his appearance on What’s My Line? from 1956:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Another funny bit comes after the break…
It’s often the villains and “heavies” that really need to do more comedies, because of their excellent timing. Jeremy Irons is another one like that. Anyway, from the Bette Davis roast…

Fantastic. This comes from our tendency on Day 16 to focus on Mr. Price, like with The Raven trailer and The Abominable Dr. Phibes.

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