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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 7: The Invisible Ray!

Invisible Ray

For tonight’s feature film, it’s The Invisible Ray from 1936. Karloff finds evidence of a meteor having struck earth in the distant past and is exposed to radiation from the rock they eventually find. His touch then kills, which isn’t, you know, good for his marriage. What follows is a lot of glowing (an effect that reminded me of Chaney in Indestructible Man) and a decent dose of revenge. Karloff’s assistant in the film is played by Lugosi and Frances Drake (who had played Eponine in Les Miserables the year before) played Karloff’s wife.

But before that, let’s have a trailer–Dead Eyes of London from 1961. You might think–hey, that monstrous guy looks familiar…but no it’s not Tor Johnson, but he’s who could arguably be called the Austrian Tor Johnson: Ady Berber. He was also a wrestler and actor. The film also features Klaus Kinski. Enjoy!


Dead Eyes is available from Amazon on DVD for as little as a penny. And your best bet for owning Invisible Ray is to snag it as part of The Bela Lugosi Collection.

Image from Wrong Side of the Art.