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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Day 7: More Tales From the Darkside!

Tales From the Darkside

So last year we posted the pilot episode, “Trick or Treat,” of Tales From the Darkside, a George Romero-created anthology series that was occasionally goofy, occasionally cheesy, but oh it was 80s-TV-tastic. This year we return to the Laurel-produced well with a double dose from the series.

Firstly, “The Devil’s Advocate,” written by Romero himself and starring Jerry Stiller as a radio talk show host having an increasingly bad day. Then, “Halloween Candy,” directed by Tom Savini and starring Roy Poole in one of his final roles. Both episodes are from the second season. The second season is available as a stand-alone release although the whole shebang is on sale as I type this for just $45. Nice.

Apparently, according to Wikipedia (always right), Michael McDowell wrote the “Halloween” episode. He was working on the Beetlejuice sequel in the 90s and the novel left unfinished by his untimely death was finished by Tabitha King. Yes, that would be the wife of that Stephen King guy.