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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 11: The Ghoul (1975)

Peter Cushing in The Ghoul

No relation to the Karloff film, The Ghoul from 1933, which we posted previously–this 1975 British horror film, pointed out to us by resident Cushingologist, Rox, stars Peter Cushing as a doctor living out on his estate with a terrible secret in his attic. I’m not sure what it is about attics in Britain, but very seldom does anything good come out of them. It’s a generalization, yes, but a fairly accurate one. Anyway. When racing out in the countryside, a couple wrecks their car and winds up taking refuge with Cushing and his gardener, played by John Hurt. It was directed by Freddie Francis (cinematographer for The Elephant Man and tons of other films) and scribed by Anthony Hinds (who wrote tons of horror flicks of the sort we love here at 32 Days, under his pseudonym of John Elder). Enjoy.


It’s available on Region 1 under one of its alternate U.S. titles, Night of the Ghoul…but it appears to be out of print on this side of the pond.