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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Day 11: Way Out with Roald Dahl!

Roald Dahl: Way Out

When I was in a creative writing magnet program in high school, my teacher asked me one day, flat out, “Why can’t you just write something normal?” However, I persisted in being abnormal, so she gave me one of the nicest things everyone has ever given me. And I’m not talking about the copy of Roald Dahl’s Kiss Kiss. I’m talking about the message (which if written, as I remember, it I probably still have). It said, in essence, well, if you’re going to be weird you might as well study the best at being weird. And as I tell people: if you think Dahl’s children’s literature is odd, imagine what he could do with dark fantastical stuff for adults. Well, you don’t have to imagine. You too can snag a copy of the book–even though it’s out of print in the U.S. and not available digitally. Figure that out. (Your best bet to try and find it is to get the Collected Stories used. Highly recommended.)

May that as it be, we mentioned before that Dahl hosted a show over here in 1961 entitled Way Out. And these episodes are worth watching for his intros alone. But also the first one, “Dissolve to Black”…watch for Michael Conrad (Hill Street Blues) and Leonardo Cimino (everything), plus in “Death Wish” we have Don Keefer (Quincy) and Charlotte Rae (Facts of Life). Enjoy.



  • 10 episodes of Way Out are currently available to view on Youtube.

    Until recently, there have only been 5. The relatively famous episode “Side Show” is one of them.