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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 10: The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake!

Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake

Was I the only one who, upon hearing this title, thought “Yes, collect all four at your local Hardee’s!”

Oh, I was? Right on, then.

We’re back in 1959 for The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake, in which the titular Drake (played by Eduard Franz, The Ten Commandments) runs into that problem that so many people often do in these sorts of films: his ancestor pissed somebody off. The somebody in question is a guy who bought the big cheese enchilada on a jungle expedition two centuries previous. (This somebody in question is played by Henry Daniell, who featured in a ton of films included The Body Snatcher.) Aided by a witch doctor, the dead guy undeads himself and is hell-bent for revenge. Drake says, “Thanks, ancestor I never met.”


The film is available for streaming for free if you’ve got Amazon Prime…and it’s part of a four-pack of films for cheap on DVD. But my favorite bit? Somebody’s released the theme song as an MP3. Sweet.