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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Day 27: Appointment With Fear!

Old-Time Radio

Let’s go back to the realm of old-time radio horror for today’s entry. Specifically, we’re going to go across the pond and check out Appointment With Fear, the British radio series that’s been going and coming since 1943. Hosted by The Man in Black (who was most recently portrayed by Mark Gatiss–as though anybody would be surprised about that…), it was your standard hosted dramatized horror play. Alas, only four episodes are to have survived, of which we have one below. The second episode we have for you is from the version called Fear on Four with the man being played by Edward de Souza (Kiss of the Vampire (1963)). And yes, we have another Dahl story for you in the latter episode…but “William and Mary” is just so much horrible fun…Enjoy.