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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 13: Dark Night of the Scarecrow!

Dark Night of the Scarecrow

A young girl and an older Steinbeckian Lennie-esque man have a friendship which upsets a lot of people in the small town where they live. When the girl is injured in a dog attack, it’s assumed that Bubba (the aforementioned friend) was the culprit. In search of justice, a small cadre of assholes wind up killing Bubba…this of course while the later is hiding out in a field, dressed as a scarecrow. Well, justice is coming, all right. Because a killer scarecrow is going to seek out the murderers and make them pay…hence, it’s the Dark Night of the Scarecrow.

I didn’t realize there were enough “killer scarecrow” films to warrant there being a true sub-genre (or I guess it’s just a sub-sub-genre of the “masked maniac” sub-genre) but hey, it was cited in Wikipedia, which is always right. The star of this telefilm (and head of the gang of assholes) is Charles Durning. The director was Frank De Felitta (author of Audrey Rose). And it was picked out for you by Rox of Spazhouse.


The 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray is available from Amazon.