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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Day 23: Gather Round the Radio, Kids…

Gathered Round the Radio

We haven’t spent a lot of time gathered around the giant radio to listen to some old-time horror. Let’s fix that, shall we? There are tons of shows to choose from. Our first stop will be The Hermit’s Cave (1930-1944), wherein The Hermit sounds like a close relation to The Crypt Keeper. We’ll listen to “Buried Alive.” Then we’ll switch over to Suspense from 1943 with “The Black Curtain,” starring Cary Grant.

Then next, from the show created by the same people who brought you Lights Out: it’s Quiet Please, and is a bit scratchy…we’re apparently lucky as hell we have any of these…only a few were extant for the longest time until more recently when the majority of the episodes were found. We have “The Room Where the Ghosts Live.” And I absolutely love the intro to The Weird Circle: “Bellkeeper…toll the bell…” Brilliant. And even better than that: at least listen to the first two minutes and hear the best transition into a sponsorship plug you have ever heard. Honest.