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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Movie Night No. 23: Bloody Birthday!

Bloody Birthday

Our 23rd Movie Night of our 32 Days of Halloween festival has usually been reserved for kids who are evil. Well. More evil than normal kids. Because there’s just something inherently super-evil about critters that are supposed to be good. What is more creepy, a hyena with a chainsaw or a kitten with a chainsaw? The kitten, of course. Because you expect hyenas to have chainsaws. Granted, I would be sneezing my head off before said kitten got the first bloody swipe in, but still. You take my meaning.

We go to 1981 and Bloody Birthday, where the lesson to be drawn from it is: don’t give birth during an eclipse. I guess. It stars Susan Strasberg (daughter of Lee and star of one of my perennial gonzo favorites, The Manitou) and José Ferrer (Stalag 17) as well as having Michael Dudikoff in a smaller role. Enjoy.


It’s available on both DVD and Blu-Ray from Amazon.