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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Day 24: The Devils of Georges Méliès

Le Manoir du Diable: Georges Melies
Le Manoir du Diable: Georges Melies

Silent horror shorts day here at 32 Days of Halloween. And we watch these for…well, three reasons. First, because pretty much everything you’ve watched–from Guardians of the Galaxy to Godzilla–is a direct descendant of this kind of thing right here. Secondly, the stuff they were doing special effects-wise in 1906 is sort of mind-blowing. And thirdly–and to me most importantly–I just said 1906. Go access this post from a phone if you’re not already and watch a 108-year-old short film on your phone. You might ask: but if I’m watching this on a nice cozy full-blown computer, why would I want to get out my phone and do that? Because you’re living in the future and you can and that is freaking badass that you can.

Let’s not even get into how the 108-year-old film will get beamed down to your phone from space. Because our heads might explode.

Anyway, Rox was kind enough to curate these films for you today: The 400 Tricks of the Devil or The Merry Frolics of Satan and also The Black Imp from 1905. See? That one’s a year older! Awesome. Enjoy.

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