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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Day 10: I Have No Idea What Zombieing Sound Is, But I Need It

Zombieing Sound!

Okay, this is where I get excited about something unique and truly weird. Back during the very first 32 Days of Halloween, I posted about the joy of not only trailers for Japanese films, but Japanese trailers for non-Japanese films. The Day of the Dead trailer I posted at the time boasted–in English–of “ZOMBIEING SOUND.” I had no idea what that was then, still don’t know what it is now. But the trailer got taken down and I had to replace it with a trailer that was equally bad as far as trailers go, almost as awesome as far as Japanese trailers go.

However, here at Day 10, where we normally post Japanese trailers (a favorite is still the terrifying HOUSE!), Zombieing Sound is Back.


I could have sworn it didn’t have its own logo last time, but that makes it even cooler this time around.

Here in the Japanese version of the 28 Days Later trailer, the word “HELLO!” has never looked more terrifying.

And somehow–I’m not quite sure how–the German language has made Shaun of the Dead…sillier.