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Halloween Day 13: Japanese Day of the Dead Trailer

Day of the Dead Japanese poster

This truly is a terrible, terrible trailer in that it gives away a lot of what happens in the film. So if you haven’t seen Day of the Dead, do yourself a favor and stay away. But if you have, consider it two minutes of your favorite gory bits from the flick. I wish somebody could tell me just what the narrator is saying over the scenes.

My favorite bit, though, is ZOMBIEING SOUND! Like what the hell exactly is that supposed to mean? I have no idea. But I want it.

Update: Well, the first one I posted got pulled. So here’s a new one. Now we don’t have ZOMBIEING SOUND, sadly, but if you watch closely, the number 99% appears in one of the scrolling bits of text–anyone know what the hell that refers to?

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