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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 18: Black Friday!

Boris Karloff in Black Friday

Granted, it’s not a horror film. In fact, it’s sci-fi/crime if anything because of the surgery involved. Surgery? Why yes. Karloff plays a doctor who performs surgery on a friend to save his life. Brain surgery. As in brain bit transplants. And while the donor brain in question wasn’t, shall we say, in a jar marked “Abby Normal,” it did belong to a gangster. So now the friend is acting verrry strangely.

The friend is not Bela Lugosi but Stanley Ridges. Lugosi plays a minor role as another gangster. Is it odd to hear a gangster with Lugosi’s accent? A bit, yes. Do we care, since we’re looking at a trailer with Karloff and Lugosi? Not really (although they don’t actually appear together in the film–but again, so what?). Enjoy!

Direct link for the feedreaders.

This comes on the Bela Lugosi Collection along with four other films. Not a bad price, really.

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