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32 Days of Halloween, Day 7: Poltergeist

Poltergeist 25th Anniversary DVD cover art

The movie that turned the concept of your house being built over an “Indian burial ground” into a joke that home inspectors have no doubt had to endure since the film hit twenty-five years ago. In fact, to celebrate the anniversary, the film’s being re-released by Warner Brothers this coming week.

It looks better than it ever has, but be aware: the scariest part about it are the bonus features. You get a two parter that discusses the “real world” of poltergeists and the “science” of the spirits. Which is sad, but treating the supernatural like it was real and not simply the basis for a badass movie might sell some more DVDs. Who knows.

Regardless, the uber-mongo edition fans have been waiting for? This is not it. Hell, I think a trailer or something looking at the legacy of the franchise would be good–it did spawn two additional movies, and an unrelated television series that banked on the name. Or a brief chat with the stars about how well the film has held up would have been nice. If you don’t have the film already and want it, you could do a lot worse than snagging this.

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