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32 Days of Halloween IV, Day 30: Trailers of the Living Dead!

Christopher Lee in Castle of the Living Dead

Today has been traditionally a day we kick off with zombie goodness. And most recently, it’s been trailers.

So okay, admittedly, there’s no zombies in this (snippet?/Japanese trailer?) for the 1964 Italian flick, Castle of the Living Dead. Not even any version of the wide-eyed hypnotized zombies that came before Romero. No, instead it’s just the taxidermy of Psycho taken to a crazed extent. And it’s sort of hard to get anything out of this…whatever this is, but it does have Christopher Lee and Donald Sutherland in what I believe is his first major role in a feature film. So you have to give respect to that.

Castle is available on DVD from Amazon.

Oh hey, here we go: people crawling out of graves! Severed hands stirring! Crazy deaths! Plague! It’s the awesomely titled Terror-Creatures From the Grave from 1965, “inspired by” (more like “insinuated by somebody who once wrote something down on a cocktail napkin while trying to remember how to spell”) Edgar Allan Poe.

Terror-Creatures is also available on DVD from Amazon.

And last but not least, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, or as I’ve more properly known it: The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue. Just be careful whenever you start screwing around with strange machines. And as I revisit this film, I ask myself: has anybody done the “HAARP is responsible for zombies” scenario yet?

Manchester Morgue is available from Amazon either as a DVD or Blu-Ray.

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