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Halloween Audio Day 32: The Fall of the House of Usher

Edgar Allan Poe

We bid a fond farewell to 32 Days of Halloween with this final audio, Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to everybody for listening and for all the feedback.


You can download it directly here. And to subscribe to the 32 Days of Halloween audio feed, here you go.

Now–it’s available in iTunes. Check it out here.


  • Whoever was reading “The House of Usher” did an excellent, excellent job! Wow ! This story scares me every time, but that reader made it even spookier!!

  • Noblick: Based on your vague comment, I’m going to assume–in a frankly stretching-it attempt to draw some entertainment from your mirthless comment–that you mean the plight and inevitable fate of the Ushers is what sucks. Because the story itself certainly does not suck. My performance–while not perfect–does have certain recording limitations which I’m unhappy with and I’m sure I could do better…but it does not “suck.” I’m not even going to be cute and rude and say that you might be being self-referential and taking this moment to bemoan your own inability to punctuate or capitalize words.

    So with that in mind I say yes, poor Rod. What an unhappy man. I agree with you, my friend. Thanks for your comment.

  • Hi Lauren: It’s roughly 45 minutes. It is the full text. Took way too long to do. :-) Please feel free to use any of these in class. I would be honored.

  • awesome ! great audio and It helped me pass my class… I kept falling asleep when I had to read it myself… this is awsome!

  • Hello,
    Beautiful reading, thanks ! May I use it for a voice-over in an animation film (non commercial work) for a french contest around teh work of Tim Burton ?

  • Elodie: Absolutely. All I ask is a link to where I can see the finished product. And if you could credit me, that would be great. And, you know, don’t speed it up and turn me into a chipmunk or something. :-)

  • This was great! Sometimes it’s hard to get all of the details by simply reading the story, especially with its sophisticated language. Thanks a bunch!