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32 Days of Halloween III, Movie Night No. 30: Son of Dracula

Son of Dracula

This evening we bring you Universal’s 1943 Son of Dracula. It’s got Lon Chaney Jr. as “Count Alucard,” although it’s never certain that he is the Dracula we know and love from the first film. That character would return in the next film in Universal’s Drac series, House of Frankenstein, portrayed by John Carradine. Don’t be concerned that this is the third film and we’ve skipped Dracula’s Daughter (primarily due to it not being online where we can share it with you). While that one is a sequel, yes, and begins right after the first film ends, it won’t affect your enjoyment of this film. So take it away, Lon and company…

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Son of Dracula is available on the Universal Dracula Legacy Series DVD release…with four other Dracula films, including the original. As I write this it’s $16 new on Amazon, so, seriously, it’s worth it. You can get yours here.

All this because last year we did a vampire double feature as well. Oh, well, there was that time two years ago where we did a vampire triple feature, too, I suppose.

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