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Halloween Movie Night No. 30: Vampire Triple Feature

The Vampire Bat 1933

First up, The Atom Age Vampire. Now, this would make you think of a glowing, radioactive bloodsucker. But that’s not the case. Instead, you get a stripper with a damaged face who seeks to have it restored. She finds a scientist who can do so, but at what cost… at what cost?

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Next, let’s go to 1935 and Mark of the Vampire, where Tod Browning (of Freaks fame) paired up with Bela Lugosi (of…well, he’s Bela Lugosi) to make a remake of a previous silent Browning film, London After Midnight.

Update: Alas, the film has been taken down, so we’ve reverted to the trailer.

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And lastly, let’s back up a little bit more to 1933, with The Vampire Bat. What happens when a blood loss front moves in across a small village and how vampires are the #1 suspect. The head of police is skeptical because “We just sprayed for vampires.”

Okay, I may have made that part up. But it does have Dwight Frye in the cast, which gives it huge points with me.

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