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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 22: Morecambe, Wise & Cushing

Peter Cushing smiling

Today is our day for Peter Cushing. And in poking around to try and find something new to share with you, I found this: an array of guest appearances Cushing made on Morecambe & Wise. For those on our side of the pond who don’t know, Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise are probably the biggest Brit comedy duo ever. They are referenced by modern comedians all the time and some of their bits have moved into the stuff of legends. They had a show, named after themselves, which aired for nearly ten years on the BBC and then moved to Thames Television.

One of the longest running jokes they had was that of Peter Cushing, who first made a guest appearance in 1969. And then…never got paid. Though he kept coming back every so often…for years…trying to get the money the two owed him. Just brilliant.

I’ve created a playlist of five appearances. The first is 1969…the last one is 1980. Enjoy.

Update: Alas, all have been removed except for the first one…and the last one. Enjoy what’s left.

Previously we’ve been checking out Cushing in The Uncanny and in a retrospective about his life (which is back online). Before we made this Mr. Cushing’s day, we checked out The Three Stooges not to mention a giant animal twofer!

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