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32 Days of Halloween II, Day 29: Christopher Lee Sings

Christopher Lee practicing telepathy

Posted without comment. Because, honestly, there are no words.

Update: Okay, let’s spare a few words. That’s Gary Curtis singing with Sir Christopher there, and they released two singles together, that one was in 1999 and another was the year before. I can’t find too much information about Curtis but his official site is here. And this next one…there’s a video for it (dated 2001), but I can’t find anything that says it was released as a single or on an album. So that’s a bit of a mystery.

Now: from The Return of Captain Invincible starring Alan Arkin. Lee is Mr. Midnight and here he blows away a tune by Richard O’Brien.

Speaking of Richard O’Brien…from The Rocky Interactive Horror Show:

P.S. Our focus at this point last year was on Ray Milland and Peter Lorre!

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