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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 4: The Monster Walks

Monster Walks

Movie Night #4 for 32 Days of Halloween…the tradition is to go old school black and white. And by old school we’re talking, in this case, 1932. And The Monster Walks. A recent family death leads to the reading of the will. In a huge, foreboding house. With a storm raging around them. Oh, and there’s a caged ape in the house as well. Recipe for madness and chaos. Which is why Willie Best in his small role of Exodus could be seen by some as insulting…but me, I think he’s the smartest and most entertaining person in the film. Along the same lines as Mantan Moreland in King of the Zombies. They’re better than the films they’re in.


If you wish something else, check out previous Movie Night #4 entries: Tod Browning’s Freaks, a double feature of Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi, The Body Snatcher, The Ghoul and last year’s Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde from 1931.

It’s available on DVD from Alpha Video. But if you’re on Amazon Prime, it’s free to stream.