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32 Days of Halloween II, Movie Night No. 4: London Double Feature

Lon Chaney in London After Midnight

So this time last year our movie of choice was the Tod Browning whacked-out classic, Freaks. So I thought, hey, let’s go with some more Tod Browning.

The best I can do for the moment is a recreated version of the lost Tod Browning work, London After Midnight from 1927, pulled from still images. It clocks in at 45 minutes. That’s Lon Chaney Sr. with the whacked out makeup job.

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But I thought, well, that’s an interesting experiment and recreation, but let’s go with a real movie that, you know, moves for crying out loud. It’s a Friday night. So: The Dark Eyes of London from 1940 with more Bela. This does not appear to be available on DVD.

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  • I know that TCM has made an effort to fill in parts of London After Midnight with stills that have been found.

  • Indeed–I think that’s what this is, actually. I was under the impression that there were no parts and that the whole thing was gone. It looks wicked, I wish there were some extant reels…