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32 Days of Halloween, Day 27: Carrie the Musical

Carrie the Musical

Well, since we did Evil Dead: The Musical yesterday it only seemed natural to do another horror-themed musical that was…less than well received.

That’s right: it’s Carrie. Some of you, who are less theatrically inclined, might be thinking, “What, are you serious? A Carrie musical?” And to you I say, “We were saying the same thing before it opened in 1988.” You can read all about it on the Wikipedia entry here or on the show’s unofficial website.

And now, here’s some videos that I ran across. Now, bear in mind the quality of the video isn’t that good, as it was shot full proscenium. And the quality of the audio isn’t that good because, well, it was shot full proscenium. And the quality of the music, lyrics and choreography aren’t that good, because, well, it’s Carrie the Musical. If you dig about online, you could probably find a bootleg of the soundtrack. If you were inclined. Or…declined, as the case might be.

Here’s “Don’t Waste the Moon” which appears to be partly a song bitching about Carrie (the character) and partly a song about horny guys.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Here’s “Evening Prayers,” where Carrie and her mom, well, pray. To be in a better show.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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