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32 Days of Halloween, Movie Night No. 27: Roger Corman Double Feature

Giant Leeches

Roger Corman. A giant among B movie makers. There’s a reason why he was the FBI director in Silence of the Lambs. (No, seriously, go back and watch it if you don’t believe me.) Here we have a thriller with an axe-killer thrown in for good measure, shot for no budget. Doesn’t that just scream, yes, please watch me? Not convinced? Fine. Check this trailer:

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Can you deny a movie that promises you a “miasma of madness”? No. You cannot. Submit. And watch…

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HA! Double feature booyah upon thee. It’s more Roger Corman action, but this time you must deal with Attack of the Giant Leeches. It’s a sci-fi horror flick from a simpler time in America, back in 1959, when radiation could make anything (and everything) larger than normal and instill in it a deep-seated hunger for human flesh. Good times, good times.

Now, let’s all grab some popcorn and watch, along with Leigh and Dindrane, shall we?

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