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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #16

Night of the Living Dead: The Musical,
Jack Benny Halloween, &
The Land of the Minotaur!

I’ve often said that somebody needed to turn Night of the Living Dead into an opera. Well, apparently it’s been at least turned into a proper stage musical. Here is the “title track.” I wish the sound had been working properly…a few people you can’t bloody well hear.

Next, we go to 1947 and Jack Benny…we’ve shared a number of his Halloween shows in the past. And while this came out at the right time, it isn’t specifically about Halloween…but it is a send-up of the Bogart thriller, Dark Passage.

Donald Pleasence and Peter Cushing are the starts tonight, as we go to Greece for Land of the Minotaur! Here’s a fun bit: female actress Luan Peters…I was trying to figure out where I knew her from, and then it hit me: she was the Australian tourist that Basil found himself falling all over in a classic Fawlty Towers episode. Granted, all Fawlty Towers episodes are classics. But you know what I mean.

Well, that was the halfway point for our festivities. I hope you and yours are having a lovely First Halloween season.