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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #18

Peter Lorre on Suspense,
Peter Cushing on This is Your Life, &
Up From the Depths!

Old-time radio is truly a blessing. Because not only did it give us stuff we can enjoy eighty years later, but it also gave people like Peter Lorre a paycheck when he was between other gigs. Or sometimes they were recorded during other gigs. Either way, we liked that these folks got paid. Here’s “Moment of Darkness” from 1943 and the show Suspense!

Then we go to that standard bearer of celebrating and embarrassing celebrities…it’s This is Your Life. And this episode: Peter Cushing gets the treatment.

And last but probably least, we go to 1979 and…well, you can probably get the gist of what it’s about from that cover image for the YouTube. It’s yes-we’re-still-trying-to-get-some-of-that-sweet-sweet-Jaws-money poster child, Up From the Depths! Enjoy.