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32 Days of Halloween, Day 29: Ray Milland and Peter Lorre

Ray Milland from X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes

Before we let all 32 Days of Halloween slip away from us (and yes, sadly, another October will be behind us soon…alas!), there’s a couple of people I want to make an appearance. And yes, we’ve got a lot of Price, Cushing, Lugosi and Karloff…but during the years they were active it was hard to throw a stone into the genre and not smack one if not two of them in the head. So. Just a couple of folks here before we let the time get away with us.

First up, Ray Milland. The Uninvited, The Premature Burial, and of course, X, The Man With X-Ray Eyes from 1963. At first, he just sees through clothes, then through skin, then through reality itself. I just wish the alternate ending footage would mysteriously rematerialize. Oh well. Here’s the trailer for this gem:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

And we would be remiss to not include Peter Lorre. M (but not with M-Ray Eyes), Mummy’s Curse, Poe adaptations and Mad Love, which I picked specifically because I just love the trailer. Lorre playing himself talking about the movie. Nice. The thing about Lorre is you knew him even before you knew him. At some point when you’re young, you’ll see a character or actor do an impersonation of Lorre (I’m thinking specifically of a Bugs Bunny cartoon) and then when you’re slightly older you actually see the man himself and realize that he’s the guy you’ve seen so many times before. Classic.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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