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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 4: Guillermo Del Toro Breaks Some Sort of World Record, We’re Sure…

Guillermo Del Toro vs. The Simpsons

…for number of horror movie references crammed into less than three minutes. The only thing I can figure is that because he has so many damn projects in the works, this enables him to get at least thirty or so out of the way. You will see this every damn place on the Internet. Because it’s that amazing. Any video that has Matthias from The Omega Man and Phantom of the Paradise? It deserves to be every damn place on the Internet. Enjoy.

That of course is the opening to the latest Treehouse of Horror. It makes me very happy.

For our audio today, let’s go to Richard Coyle (Coupling, Mr. Sock Gap himself) giving you an excellent rendition of Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness.” There’s a Del Toro tie-in, naturally. We could have had a Del Toro movie version…but nooooo. Oh well.

And lastly, we go back to 1932 for a color (apparently not colorized) film entitled Doctor X, starring Lionel Atwill and Fay Wray. This color version was apparently found among Jack Warner’s personal collection after being considered lost for some time. But here it is. This is pre-Code filmmaking, so some unpleasantness is present.

UPDATE: Alas, the film itself is gone, but here’s the trailer for the time being.

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