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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 5: Monster From the Ocean Floor!

Monster From the Ocean Floor!

We’ll get to our feature presentation shortly, but before then a couple of stops: firstly, Christopher Lee is on hand to read Dracula for you. And more than that, someone’s taken the 1966 comic adaptation and put the two together. Then, since we’ve got a Corman-produced flick for today’s main event, poking about for more Corman-related material found 1990’s TV special, Horror Cafe, in which Clive Barker does a sort-of expanded Dinner for Five routine. Among those in to have a nosh are Corman, John Carpenter and Ramsey Campbell. If you feel the onset of cheese, just keep telling yourself over and over: “It’s only 1990, it’s only 1990…”


From what I can tell, both the comic and the audio are sadly way out of print. And no version of the Cafe here appears to be for sale either…

But when we move on to Monster From the Ocean Floor, though it was Roger Corman’s second film he produced, it’s apparently noteworthy enough to warrant its own resin sculpture. There’s a bunch of other stuff on Amazon as well that I find too puzzling to share–a cigarette case? really?–but it is available on DVD as a double feature with Serpent Island. Enjoy.