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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 31: The Corpse Vanishes!

Corpse Vanishes
'Do you MIND?'

Yes, we’ll interrupt Mr. Lugosi more in just a moment. But first, a pair of audio bits to pass the time on this penultimate night of 32 Days of Halloween: Year 7. The first is The Day the Earth Stood Still, but in a way you’ve probably never experienced it before: Michael Rennie recreates his role for the radio. This happened often and there’s some great performances for posterity snagged this way–in this case, it’s for Lux Radio Theater. And yes, “Lux” means light and that sounds like a great name…but you will quickly ascertain that it’s named for the soap flake brand. Oh well. But hey, Michael Rennie!

Also, a short piece of fiction read by Vincent Price from A Hornbook for Witches. It’s the John Collier short story Thus I Refute Beezly. Excellent stuff.


And yes, now we join Bela Lugosi in the rather unintentionally silly The Corpse Vanishes, where brides are seemingly killed and their bodies stolen in order to be, well, juiced for the youth and beauty of another. I realize that last sentence makes it sound like the film should be called Smoothies of the Damned, but it’s not–because that’s obviously a better album title than anything else. Enjoy.