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32 Days of Halloween VII, Day 32: That’s Another One For the Fire

Bill Hinzman, Zombie Number One from Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Bill Hinzman, the first modern zombie (1936-2012)

It’s that Night of Nights. Six years in a row, we’ve given you the original (and only real) Night of the Living Dead. This year is no exception. It’s the thing that started the entire zombie subgenre as we know it today. Watch the film. Love it. Give it a nice hug. Without it, you get no Shaun, no Walking Dead, no 28 Days Later. And low budget horror would look completely different. Would somebody else have come up with the transition from Haitian voodoo zombies to flesh-eating ghoul zombies? Oh sure. Would it have gone down the same way? Nowhere close.

First, let’s go to August, where the 45th anniversary of the film brought Johnny and Barbra back to the cemetery where it all started. The video quality is crap, but hey, it’s sort of awesome this happened. (The crowd looks really, really thin, doesn’t it? Weird. Almost as weird as the fact the vid won’t let me center it. Oh well.)


You can find the article here.

Now let’s hear from the man himself, Duane Jones, who played protagonist Ben. A very interesting interview with somebody who doesn’t necessarily like talking about the film at all, apparently.

And here’s a good-sized interview with Papa Romero, recorded last year.

And the main event. Thanks for coming out, everyone. Maybe there will be an eighth year of this stuff in 2014. One way to help make that happen is to sponsor the site. Time I don’t have to spend worrying about my mortgage translates into content. Happy Halloween, you caffeinated monstrous weirdos. Hugs and espresso to you all.