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32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 29: Vincent Price Sings!

Vincent Price Sings

There’s a lot to love when it comes to the classic horror actors of yesteryear. But if there’s one guy who doesn’t seem to have an end to his talents, it’s Vincent Price. In addition to being an actor on the big screen, he performed in a number of one-man performances (his Oscar Wilde show was amazing), he was an art collector and a gourmet foodie to the extent that he released a course of instructional albums on the subject.

But he could also sing. And we’re not just talking about this, with which most are probably familiar…


Price also starred in a single Broadway musical–Darling of the Day–in 1968. It lasted only thirty-one performances before closing…which is odd, because based on the soundtrack the show doesn’t seem that bad. And Price isn’t the best singer on the planet here…but he’s better than most. Here’s one of my favorites of his from the show: “To Get Out of This World Alive.”

This is cool, though: and well played, RCA Victor–the MP3 album of the soundtrack is just $9.99. Any Price fan should own it.

And I never knew about this: in 1982, Price was in a Gilbert & Sullivan musical, Ruddigore, playing The Bad Baronet. I saw some reviews on the DVD of this at Amazon about how Price can’t sing. Sorry, but he’s not Rex Harrisoning his way through the whole thing–at points he’s speak-singing and at some points he’s actually singing. And doing it well. Dig this:

I actually think he sounds better in that than in Darling, though admittedly it may be because I can see him acting his ass off since we have video for the Gilbert & Sullivan.