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32 Days of Halloween II, Movie Night No. 23: Oasis of the Zombies!

Oasis of the Zombies

Last year, it was the classic King of the Zombies, so this year it’s time for Something Else of the Zombies: Oasis of the Zombies! Because the only thing worse than zombies…is Nazi zombies.

Be warned: this film contains nakedity. Not that I think anybody who reads this site will be disturbed by it, but you never know whether or not the person in the cubicle next to you appreciates that sort of thing or not. But worse than that, the film contains questionable cinematography and a seeming inability to keep any action in frame. Or make a lot of sense. Best thing to do when you can no longer see what’s happening on the screen is fill in your own scene. Or better yet, compose an essay in another window where you compare and contrast the actions of these protagonists with how the characters from an Austen novel would react given the same situation.

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