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32 Days of Halloween III, Day 23: Oh, Those Mischievous Scamps

Evil children

So after looking last year to where we posted the trailers for Village of the Damned and its sequel, I figured…hey, evil children. That will work. Children usually are only bad for society due to their parents…you know, when they drag their two-year-old to the prime time showing of an R-rated movie and then wonder why everybody’s pissed at them. That’s how it starts, anyway.

But that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about kids using their innocence and who-me looks against us older type people.

So we can go to the apotheosis of all evil kids–you know, that Antichrist youngster…

And of course, there’s the original version of The Bad Seed, which looks terribly tame by today’s standards…

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We, of course, previously posted the trailer for the uber-creepy recent evil kid flick, The Children. And you can find that here. Oh, and I had never heard of this film before but apparently there was a The Children back in 1980 as well. It’s…a little different. Check it out.

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Back in 2007, Day 23 opened with trailers for The Thing and Prince of Darkness.