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32 Days of Halloween III, Movie Night No. 23: Horror of the Zombies

Ghost Galleon

So after looking at our track record for 32 Days of Halloween Movie Night #23 and seeing last year’s Oasis of the Zombies (aka Dead Snow without the snow) and then 2007’s howler King of the Zombies, I figured we needed another …of the Zombies. And we’re in luck because here’s Horror of the Zombies, the third in the Blind Dead series. It goes by a number of other names, most notably The Ghost Galleon.

Don’t panic that this is a sequel and we’re jumping in on Movie #3…the gist is that the long-dead Knights Templar get up and kill you. And they’re dead because their eyes got eaten. That’s…yeah, you’re up to speed now.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

The best place to find the films are in Blue Underground’s Blind Dead collection.